For Typomania 2018 we decided not to design a new festival identity ourselves, instead we would like to give this opportunity to graphic designers all over the world. This year the theme of the festival is “East–West”. We want to see how well different people of our planet can communicate with each other. Typomania 2018 will not have just a single logo, instead we want to use the whole set of logos in our promo, posters, website, social networks and exhibition design. Everyone who wants to participate in the competition for the Typomania 2018 logo design will be given an unique brief consisting of four variables.
Logo must include the name “TYPOMANIA” and the year “2018”. If you want you can use russian version of the name “ТИПОМАНИЯ”.

Deadline: April 4, 2018 

Press every button to generate the brief:

form of your country
12 : 1
use only capital
it should be in sports teams’ style
Now send brief to your email:

What's after?

After the logo is done the author should load it to a Competition website. Also he should attach his portrait and most exotic photo of his region. Logo+portrait+photo will be used in Typomania 2018 graphic identity. Sent logos will be moderated and displayed on Typomania Instagram. Works will be judged of International jury by their beauty and extraordinary. And also public voting starts right after the first work is posted. Likes = votes. The first 100 of selected logos will be printed as stickers and postcards. The first 20 of selected logos will be printed on T-shirts, mugs and as sticker sets. 9 best logos will become award statuettes for the Typomania video competition. 3 best logos will become metal badges (each author will get 10 badges of his design).